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polyglot adj : having a command of or composed in many languages; "a polyglot traveler"; "a polyglot Bible contains versions in different languages" n : a person who speaks more than one language [syn: linguist]

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From Greek πολύγλωττος (literally, many-tongued) < πολύς (polus), many + γλῶττα (glōtta), tongue; compare to French polyglotte


  • /pɒliːglɒt/


  1. Containing, or made up, of, several languages.
    a polyglot lexicon; a polyglot Bible
  2. Versed in, or speaking, many languages.



  1. One who speaks several languages.
    • A polyglot, or good linguist - Howell
  2. A book containing several versions of the same text, or containing the same subject matter in several languages; esp., the Scriptures in several languages.
  3. (Computer programming): A program written in multiple programming languages.


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  1. polyglot

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Polyglot may refer to:
  • Multilingualism, a single speaker who uses two or more languages, or a community of speakers where two or more languages are used
  • Hyperpolyglot, one who can speak six or more languages fluently
  • Polyglot (book), a book that contains the same text in more than one language
  • A polyglot Bible, an edition of the Bible with the texts in different columns in different languages, especially those in which early versions of the text exist; several versions have been produced.
  • Polyglot (computing), a computer program that is valid in more than one programming language
Polyglot may also refer to:
  • Polyglot (webzine), a biweekly game industry webzine published by Polymancer Studios, Inc.
  • Mixed language, a language that is a combination of other languages
  • Pidgin, a language that develops between groups who do not share a common language
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atlas, bilingual, calendar, casebook, catalog, catalogue raisonne, city directory, classified catalog, concordance, cyclopedia, diatesseron, dictionary catalog, diglot, directory, encyclopedia, gazetteer, harmony, index, linguist, multilingual, phone book, record book, reference book, source book, studbook, telephone book, telephone directory, work of reference
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